Our Working Process

1. Detailed and in-depth acquaintance

The first step in the development of a software application is a detailed and in-depth acquaintance with the needs of your company and with the current way of performing the tasks that the application should take over. The aim of this step is to gain a clear insight into the needs and ways of solving tasks in order to create an application that best meets these needs and improves the performance of tasks in the best way. Information gathering will be done through interviews with employees, observation of job samples, questionnaires.

2. Development of a software solution based on the principles of agile management

The second step is focused on the development of a software solution based on the principles of agile management. This step will have several sub-phases in which the idea and concept are gradually shaped into a final and functional software solution. ITems will develop several versions of the application from the roughest to a fully functional solution. At the beginning, taking into account the information from the first step, the so-called low-fidelity prototype is created. This prototype serves to present basic functional solutions, without considering graphic solutions. The goal is to present to the client how the application works and to define all possible alternatives. At this stage, constant communication with your company is very important, so that the solutions offered are best aligned with real needs.

In the next phase, a high-fidelity prototype is developed, which includes a proposal for a graphic solution, developed text messages and the layout of the necessary elements in the application. The goal is to define the precise functionality and appearance of the final solution. Then we move on to programming, which is done through successive steps: algorithm creation, coding, verification and validation. After programming, there are several cycles of testing, in order to correct all syntax and logical errors. Finally, the Documentation is created that accompanies the development as well as the ways of fulfilling the tasks of the application.

3. The application is delivered to your company

In the third and final step, the application is delivered to your company. It is installed on your or our server, activated and (possibly) connected to other software applications you use (e.g. connection to a website or other software tools). After this, there is a period of application maintenance and possible modifications.

ITEMS nurtures an agile software development methodology that is based on close collaboration between the software team and future users of the application and is strongly oriented to end user. Agile development is based on adaptive planning, gradual development, early delivery of solutions and continuous improvement. This methodology supports quick and flexible response to requests for change.

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