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Human Resources

How It Works?

Imagine that you published a job advertisement and after reading the CVs you decided to organize individual interviews with ten candidates. Each interview lasts up to 45 minutes and needs to be organized in the next 10 days between 10am and 2pm. Apart from yourself, one HR representative and your superior need to be present at the interviews. We can imagine what a headache this and similar tasks give to you.


Our software can help you solve the problem in 5 easy steps!

Define how long the interview lasts (45 minutes), period in which it needs to be completed (10 days) and terms in which it is possible to organize interviews.
The software searches the calendars of all the people who need to attend the interviews and finds the dates on which everyone is free.
On a special web page you publish all available dates and send a link to this page to the candidates.
When a candidate chooses one of the terms it is automatically removed from the list of available terms, and all who need to attend the meeting are notified of the meeting.
All changes in employee calendars are automatically updated.

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