Kurtztest – Word Press Plugin

Kurtztest – Word Press Plugin

Display Mind One survey on WordPress site adapting the look of your site.


  1. API key from Mind One
  2. Active project on Mind One Platform https://app.mind-one.com
  3. Base URL (Find it in project settings)
  4. Access key for the project (Find it in project settings)


  1. Download plugin
  2. Install plugin
  3. Activate plugin
  4. Enter API key (choose Settings > Kurtrztest)
  5. Add short-code on post/page
    • Shortcode name: kurtztest_display_test
    • Attribute 1: base-url
    • Attribute 2: access-code
    • Example 1 (English): kurtztets-shortcode
    • Example 2 (German):

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