The Module Assessments facilitates Career orientation and development. The Module provides a benchmark of competencies, building on to focus on individual’s key development areas including skills, knowledge, motivation, etc.

The Module leads the process of career and competencies development and supports employee retention through understanding key motivations. Improves employee deployment and composition of efficient teams.

  • Management: Control of competency-based and strategic development of the company. Employee evaluation through integrated and flexible tools: planning, assessment, historic data analysis, current plans, expected changes and career plan.
  • HR department: HR department able to scrutinise company talent pool against a set development requirements. Management competencies indicator. Methodical development of training, mentoring, certifications and courses. The Module encourages a cross-company culture of continual engagement with talent development and feedback culture.
  • Employees: Regular assessments supporting the understanding of own developmental needs. Use of internal 360⁰ feedback, comparisons tools, and other evaluation methods. Insight into „hidden“ strengths and weaknesses provides a basis for discussion and reflection of self-perception and the perception of others.

KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS (KPI): Evaluation administration, reporting and planning. Historic data and development tools

DEVELOPMENT: Identification of high potentials and potential leaders via employee appraisals and development measures

COMPETENCIES: Definition of competencies, questionnaires, historic data, development measures

TESTING: A developed environment that enables implementation of all tests and questionnaires for online administration, analysis and reporting

SYSTEMIC REPORTING TOOLS: Anonymous Employee and Management evaluation tools

MONITORING: Monitoring the success of development measures (development progress)