Recruitment and selection

ITEMS People Applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software solution that helps you recruit and select candidates who are to be hired at the company for the first time or it can assist you in the process of employee promotion. Our software facilitates collection, storage and search through the candidates’ applications, shortening the time required for selection while increasing the quality of the decisions about the candidates.

ITEMS-People is a FREE and comprehensive environment containing the tools necessary for: Position creation; Initiation approvals; Advertisement; Data collection (Applicant database); Applicant online testing and analysis, Stages selection process, Assessments, etc. ITEMS-People establishes a logical and easy to follow/supervise step by step process, including: Scheduling; Interview and testing; Data and results collation; Internal communication; Applicant communication; Pre-selection; Final selection; etc.


ADVANCED ANALYSIS: We provide a recruitment team with a sophisticated system for candidate search by various criteria, along with the creation of comprehensive reports.

ADVERTISEMENT: Internal/External employment advertisement; Database of current and archived employment advertisements

COMMUNICATION: Process updates, next steps, dates; Advertising of new positions

SELECTION: Criteria; Selection steps; Approval of pre-selected candidates

COMPETENCY MODEL: Use a Standard Competence Model or your own competency models..

ONLINE TESTING: Aptitude, psychometric and knowledge-based tests; Results analysis