Training Management System

The Module Training Management System administers employee training and education via training application, assessment, planning, using resulting reports to ascertain development needs and draft training development plans.

  • HR department: Central administration of training and employee development. Allows for a targeted use of HR training budgets. The Module assists HR department in assessing and planning the needs at the level of the department or the entire company. This allows long term planning, that covers information such as availability of resources, coaching staff, locations, employee availability.
  • Management: Development requirements and targets; selection of suitable/efficient training methods; Power to oversee outcomes: e.g. attendance, results, efficiency improvements.
  • Employee: Employees empowered to use training recommendation and plans to define own training needs, access available training data, complete online application for a suitable training. Trainings accessible via internet/intranet.

IMPORT: Data import of historic training per employee as well as resources

TRAINING CATALOGUE: Catalogue of training options, including administrative information (location, timing, duration, etc.) as well as competencies and relevance to the development process. Categorised in broader programmes

COMMUNICATION: Interactive communication with participants including through questionnaires and assessments.

PLANNING:  Planning at the company, department or individual employee level.

ONLINE APPLICATION: Employees able to access and apply for available courses

REPORTING: Real-time information about the current status of courses and training; Historic overview

MOBILE APPLICATION. Accessing training materials through a mobile phone, applying for trainings through the app, receiving information on all forthcoming trainings